5 Attributes of Self Compassion

Self compassion allows you to live a life more connected to yourself and to those you love. And when you have compassion from the inside out, it expands into an ever widening circle.  Research has demonstrated that self compassion helps to decrease anxiety, depression and stress and to increase our coping skills and happiness.

To enhance your self compassion:

  1. acknowledge your difficulties, challenges, pain, & suffering. Notice when life is hard for you.
  2. know that you are not alone! This is “common humanity.” We all have individual and collective sufferings.
  3. treat yourself with kindness, compassion, & tenderness. Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend who is suffering.
  4. connect with community
  5. practice what soothes, nourishes & strenghtens your mind, body & spirit.


Maine Summer Salad

Ingredients All Freshly picked


greens mix (washed)
crabmeat (mixed with lemon, sea salt & pepper)

Dressing (whisk together)
olive, oil
white vinegar
sea salt & pepper

Sit by the sea & Enjoy!