Qi Fusion

Qi-Gong, Yoga & Meditation for the Fall Season …

Autumn is a time to slow down and find your inner light.
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What is Qi-Gong?

Qi is the life force energy that flows through everything in the universe, including your own body.

Gong means cultivation, skill, mastery. It is your mindful and skillful work with the energy around you and within you.

Qi-Gong is the practice of cultivating life force energy, an ancient Chinese system for health. It may include stretching, strengthening, breath work, body awareness, postures, guided imagery, strong or meditative movement, & meditation. Qi-gong helps you to cultivate an open heart and a relaxed mind and body and to live in harmony with nature and the universe.

What is Qi Fusion?

Qi Fusion is an integration of qi-gong, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, compassion and  gratitude practices, mantra and more. Qi Fusion aligns your own energy with that of the Universe. Get in rhythm with Nature and let her support you!

Do you want to decrease stress, increase vitality, enhance your immune system, transform painful emotions and pain in the body? 
If so, a regular Qi Fusion practice is for you!

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