Star Goddess Retreat
Yoga & Qigong 2021

Thank You Goddesses
You will Come Back!

Yoga & Qigong for Resilience

September 10-12, 2021
on Star Island, off the coast of Rye NH

Enter into the wonder of island,
sea, stars, sunsets & sisterhood.

Compassionate Goddess Sunset

Reflections from past participants

"Spiritual connection, love & transformation!
I met Susan at my first Goddess Retreat in 2011 and have been coming ever since.
There is a deep spiritual awareness that Susan shares with us, not to mention her wisdom, laughter, connection and sense of adventure. Retreat time is sacred time and an opportunity to recharge, reset and rediscover. I've made a commitment to Susan's groups for these reasons and choose to be in her presence as much as I can be. These retreats continue to have profound, long lasting effects on my life, and inspire me every day."

Kelly Sharpe

“I’ve had many awakenings over the past few days. A new beginning on a fabulous journey. I am blessed to have been a part of this amazing group.”

 “I am so appreciative of Susan’s generous spirit, teaching, and love, this was Awesome!  Since my experience on Star Island I’ve continued to take better care of myself with yoga and meditation and see the benefits in my everyday activities, work, and relationships and am feeling great!”

Women relaxing