Lessons from the Iguana Spirit


This is a picture of an iguana on a bridge I was needing to cross in Old San Juan. She reminded me to pause, be still and find contentment in the here and now.

Don’t Do it! Make those resolutions, that is. It’s not time yet. There is a better way!

On my vacation, I have seen iguanas many times and on my way home tonight there was a huge one sitting absolutely still in the middle of the road. I had to hold up a bunch of cars until a local man stopped to help, who knew how to get her to move. Then she bolted into the jungle.

The iguana is a satisfied and restful creature who knows how to bask in the magnificence of life! The iguana has clearly mastered the Art of Simplicity!

The iguana spirit has reminded me to be content, to stop, rest, have some ease, breathe, relax and bask in the sun, to flow with the rhythms of nature and be held by great mother earth. She reminds me to appreciate stillness.

Rhythm Class Sunset

I have been contemplating my ability to be content. I certainly fail here again and again, but the more I bring in awareness and gratitude the more I notice when I am content. I catch myself when I am wanting more, something else, the feeling of lack or not good enough, or the need to do more. I can stop, gain repose and rest in ease. I am good enough, life is wonderful and I have all I need when I rest in pure and simple awareness of the Great I Am!

For the timing of those resolutions, wait. Winter is the time to go inside, to rest, reflect, contemplate, to embrace the darkness and just be. Even the birds, insects, plants and animals require a time of rest. Can you relax and find more ease somewhere? Perhaps in your breath, body, actions, pace of life, criticism of self or others, or whatever gets in the way of just being and appreciating who you are, who you are with, or what you have?

Back to the iguana. She knows how to rest and she knows how to move, and quickly, when it’s time for action. Give yourself some time for repose and soon when the winter fades it will be time to take more action again. Synchronicity has it Valerie from Esparanza Beach Yoga asked during class “Where can you soften and do less?” Where can you do less, soften, ease up and be content? I wish you time for rest, reflection, looking deep within, rejuvenation and ease.

Aum Shanti, Peace, Paz