Compassionate Presence
Practices for the Clinician 2022

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Therapists, Counselors & Healthcare Professionals
September  12-14
NASW NH 12 Category A CEU’s #3281
Creating Joy & Compassion together
On Beautiful Star Island

7 miles off the coast of New Hampshire & Maine

Join us for three days & 2 nights on this magical island.
Enliven your compassionate heart, mind and body!

Enhance self-compassion & compassion for your clients

Heal from empathic distress

Improve your personal and therapeutic relationships

Learn compassion skills that you can teach your clients


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Feeling any empathy fatigue? Need some time for self compassion? Come revive yourself and practice skills that will benefit you and your clients. Compassion is not just a fluffy feeling. It is a framework for care. Certainly, the world needs compassionate presence today more than ever!

Join us for three days on beautiful Star Island to enliven your compassionate heart, mind and body!

Cultivate compassion for yourself and for your clients.
Improve well- being, resilience, connection with family and friends, and therapeutic relationships. Learn compassion skills and practices for self care and for teaching your clients.
We will explore compassion practices from both eastern philosophical and western psychological perspectives, ranging from qigong/yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and skills that will help you with empathy fatigue.

Compassion practices will reduce empathy fatigue and help you  connect and engage mindfully to all human beings.

Currently the same neuroscience that confirmed the efficacy of mindfulness is demonstrating the power of compassion practices.
A healthy compassionate heart increases resourcefulness, resiliency and happiness. 

“Here’s the bottom line: compassion creates a healthy mind.”
Dan Siegel, MD


"I am thrilled to be attending Susan's Compassionate Heart workshop for practitioners in September on Star island. The past workshops with Susan that I have attended provided an opportunity to reflect, observe, relax, laugh and so much more! I always come home with ideas for myself and my clients to use every day. The bonus: doing all this on an island six miles of the New Hampshire coast. The serene beauty is unmatched."

Carol J., LICSW

"Susan has a magical ability to bring a group of strangers together as a community within the first few minutes of the gathering period. She was clear, open, fun and able to lead the group with knowledge of techniques and gentle loving humor”.

Susan Guriano,  Pediatric Nurse

"There are not words for the soul healing blessing that was this time on Star Island. I feel held, loved, nourished, understood. I feel like I know myself and my body so much better now. Thank you."

Kate Smanik, Chaplain

Program Tuition: $400.00

Room & Board:
(includes lodging, all meals & round trip boat fare)

Rooms are simple & historic, the island is nature's luxury.

"Standard Rooms"
(shared bathrooms in the hall)
shared  $290

 single  $389

"Motel Rooms"
(with private 1/2 bath)

 shared $357
single $506

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You Will Come Back
You Will Come Back