Tending the Heart
Finding Balance in Uncertain Times

Feeling stressed?
Got chaos?
Knocked off balance?

If so this is for you!

Online immersion & deep dive into the heart!

For all Women

Thank you beautiful Spring community!

Summer session is coming soon!

Tend your heart and ground of being.
Find balance, create inner peace and harmony!

 Live Video Gatherings (Zoom)
(recordings of the gatherings will be available to participants) 

Weekly short practice videos delivered to your in box

Between session check ins, short live practices, and more

As life unfolds we will walk together,
go deep inside ourselves and create ease and well being.

Attunement energy practice
Yoga & Qi-gong

Shift is happening!

Make this offering of spaciousness and stability
for yourself & to benefit all beings.

Will you stand in your light, with heartfelt presence and courage,
as we move through these challenges?

With years of experience, success, failures, learning, wisdom, curiosity and perseverance,

You are ready!

Coming very soon!

Sign up now and secure your place in this sacred circle of women!
We will create ease, wellness & joy together.

If you are in financial difficulty, and would like to take this opportunity..
Please make a financial offering that is possible for you!

Thanks for your light.
Join us now!

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