Awakening Shakti
Spring Renewal 2022

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Online Gathering
Tuesday evenings 7-8 pm
5 weeks
May 17 - June 14

Come & gather with soul sisters
Create an altar & fuel your intention
Release clutter in your home, heart & mind
Practice sacred mantra
Ritual, meditation, qi-gong, & yoga
5 koshas
Ayurvedic practices for daily living:
the 6 tastes
daily ayurvedic clock
doshas & agni
spring nourishment

Awaken your inner goddess!

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Weekly meditation
Weekly Qi Fusion (qigong/yoga)
Bonus Spring Cooking Class

What's Shakti?

It's the power and creative force
within you,
your living energy!

Heal, grow & magnify your own divine sacred feminine energy!

You will rid your life of toxicity, clear & increase your energy, create delicious healthy food, live in rhythm with nature and its daily cycles.
Open to new possibilities.
Receive the abundance that life offers you.
Celebrate one another
the one & only You!