The Compassionate Heart: Practices for the Clinician

Tuesday 9/12 to Thursday 9/14 On Beautiful Star Island, Rye NH
12 Category 1 CEU’s – Approved by NASW #3281

Enliven your compassionate heart, mind and body!

We will explore compassion practices from both eastern philosophical and western psychological perspectives. These practices will include mindfulness, meditation, movement and energy practices. Enhance self-compassion and compassion for your clients, and improve your personal and therapeutic relationships. Learn compassion skills that you can teach your clients.  A healthy compassionate heart increases resourcefulness, resiliency and happiness.

Have you ever thought, “I am so compassionate, how can I open my heart anymore?” And meanwhile you are feeling tired and run down. Or perhaps life hasn’t treated you so well, so you shut down in an effort to protect yourself.  Or do you sometimes have a sense of helplessness in working with your clients?

If so, you will benefit by diving into dialogue and practices revealing and embodying qualities of the compassionate heart. Learn to skillfully and wisely live in a compassionate wise heart and become more effective in your relationship with self, with those you love, with clients and all beings.

A compassionate heart is a happy heart!

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Dalai Lama


Sitting on the rocks at Star

 “Here’s the bottom line: compassion creates a healthy mind.” Dan Siegel, MD

Program Tuition: $325.00

Room & Board (includes all meals and round trip boat fare):

Standard Shared $225

Standard Single Motel $337

“motel” (private bathroom) shared $313

“motel” (private bathroom) single $483


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